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Blogs in 'The art of Supervision' (8)

How Good Are Your Management Skills? Part 1 by Marcia Zidle

Feb, 1 2015

To be a great people manager, you must have an extensive set of skills – from planning and delegation to motivation and communication. Because the skill set is so wide, it’s tempting to continue using the skills you’re already comfortable with. But, for your long-term success, it’s wise to analyze your skills in all areas of management – and then challenge yourself to become better at it.

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What are the Advantages of Becoming a Board-Approved Supervisor in Texas?

Aug, 1 2014

According to the Texas Administration Code RULE §781.404 when a licensee is designated a board-approved supervisor, he or she may perform the following supervisory functions.

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Are You Fooling Yourself? Why Feedback Is Important! by Marcia Zidle

Aug, 5 2013

Get in the habit of getting feedback – ask key people in your life how you can improve. Recruit them in helping you get from where you are (which can be a pretty great place) to where you want to be (which can be even better). Your first inclination when people point out areas for improvement may well be to believe that they are ‘wrong’ or ‘confused’. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Be open to the fact that they may well be right and you may well be the one who is confused.

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How to get Supervised for the LPC License

Aug, 4 2013

Find LPC Supervisors that can answer this and other question here on Supervision Today.

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Different Types of Social Work Supervision and Their Importance

Jul, 8 2013

Supervision is an important aspect of any job. Without it, employees run around doing their own thing, and at the end of the day, this can have an adverse effect on your business. A supervisor in the social work field plays an important role when dealing with families.

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Are You a Clinical Supervisor by Default or by Choice? by Susan Vichick Johnson, LCSW

Nov, 16 2012

I remember the day that I became a Clinical Social Work Supervisor. I was working at a community counseling agency in which there was a need for a supervisor for their graduate student interns. “Susan would you like to supervise a student this semester?” the Clinical Director asked. “Sure,” I replied and, just like that, I had become a Social Work Supervisor.

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The Role of the Supervisor in LCSW Supervision

Oct, 22 2012

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Is LCSW Supervision via Web Technology Effective

Jan, 3 2012

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