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Blogs in 'Supervisee's Perspective' (3)

Embarrassment: Joyce Hull LCSW

Oct, 13 2017

Embarrassment ranges from the simple act of tripping over your own feet in the parking lot; to being full-blown mortified when asking someone when she is expecting, only to discover she isn’t really pregnant! We all face moments of embarrassment from time to time. But people handle the emotion very differently. For some of us we are able to just laugh it off while for others it can cause a temper outburst and perhaps even rage with others or ourselves. Some will significantly alter their behavior to avoid the individuals around them that would potentially remind them of their miscue, or the circumstances that caused the situation, forever. How do you handle moments of embarrassment?

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Following in the Foot steps of My Father....

Jul, 6 2014

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Lessons Learned

Nov, 15 2012

Just three months after graduating college, I began UT’s School of Social Work where I quickly learned to balance almost twenty hours weekly of internship with fifteen hours of class and countless hours of paper writing, reading, and group presentations. I was lucky to find supportive friends and professors and an extremely welcoming elementary school campus where I interned. I may not have always appreciated supervision during my first year in the MSSW program, especially when I became so overwhelmed that I cried after meetings with my supervisor. However, in retrospect, I am hoping that my future supervisors will have a similar intensity, dedication, and caring nature. Looking back on supervision and looking towards the future, my LCSW supervisor and the elementary school’s counselor who worked with me taught me countless lessons. I have narrowed these lessons down to a “top 10 list.”

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