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Getting Social Workers Back to Work!

CATEGORIES: General News

Apr, 22 2016

In March, Thurrock council will run a ten-day Return to Social Work course, aimed at qualified social workers. The goal is to entice social workers who have experience working with children back into the profession.


The course will provide social workers with the chance to refresh their knowledge of legislation and practices, hone their skills and regain confidence in their abilities.


Thurrock councillor Bukky Okkunade stated that social workers are notoriously difficult to recruit, but the authorities are rethinking their approach to the problem of getting enough qualified social workers back into service.


Further, he said that this course is a great example of new recruitment and retention methods in Thurrock. With the help of this course, qualified social workers will have an opportunity to experience once again the thrill of providing social services to children.


More information about the Return to Social Work course is available at thurrock.gov.uk/social-work-in-thurrock/return-to-social-work.


Alternatively, you may phone the Thurrock council every workday, from 8 AM to 6 PM at 0870 787 11760870 787 1176 or email mylearning@thurrock.gov.uk